Common – limited trade language derived from Chondathan (Pidgin English). Written in the Thorass script.

Chondathan – primary language spoken by humans and hin in the region (roughly equivalent to English). Three primary dialects: Cormyrian, Sembian and Dalelander, all mutually comprehensible (think Home Counties, Geordie and Scots). Written in the Thorass script.

Damaran – spoken in the Moonsea region (sounds vaguely Germanic, with Slavic elements). Written in the Dwarven Dethek script.

Gur – spoken only by the Gur nomads (roughly Hungarian). No written form.

Dwarvish – written in Dethek.

Elvish – complex, multitonal language, difficult to understand by humans (and virtually impossible to speak properly), written in Espruar.

Gnomish – written in Dethek.

The hin do not speak a language of their own and adopt local human languages.


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